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2018-2019 Board of Directors Contact Information


Indiana State Board of Directors with Staff Members

Standing L-R: Dale Bennington—District 7 Director; Mike McPherson—District 9 Director & District Challenge Mgr; Bob Daubenspeck—District 8 Director; Bill Kendall Sr—2nd Vice President; Zachary Ferree—Youth Director; Chris Adams—District 3 Director; Kerry Caine— President; Jerry Grochowski—District 2 Director & Tech Team Mgr; Corky Koch—Youth Director, Youth Trny Mgr, & Adult/Youth Trny Mgr; Charlie Wilkey—District 1 Director, Mixed Trny Mgr & Open Asst Mgr; Jeff Circle—Scratch Classic, Indiana Masters, Indiana Queens Tournaments Mgr; Rick Schultz—Asst Association Manager & Open Trny Mgr.
Seated L-R: Brian Petrey—Youth Trny Asst & Youth All Stars Trny Mgr; TommyLee Baxter— Association Master of Ceremonies; Mikayla Schram—Youth Director; Kim Davis—District 4 Director; A.J. Hacker—1st Vice President & Seniors Trny Asst Mgr; Suzanne Harden—Mixed Trny Asst Mgr; Lynda Isaacs—3rd Vice President & Women’s Trny Mgr; Jenni Ferguson— District 5 Director; Dee Johnson—District 6 Director & Webmaster; Mary Utley—Women’s Trny Asst Mgr; Brian Nunning—Association Manager; and Gene Neal—Senior Trny Mgr.
Absent: Tiffany Friars—Youth Director.


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